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Hydrosurge Bathing

Hydrosurge Bathing is available here at Amazon Animal Hospital, We truly have the ultimate in bathing your pet. Hydrosurge Bathing is a water saving system that uses pulsating surges of shampoo and water to separate the hair for thorough cleaning and provides an invigorating massage to the skin, The final result is a healthier coat and fewer skin problems.

​​​​​​​We use the Environment line of shampoos and conditioners, a premium and natural line of products we use on your pet based on skin and coat type for a truly custom finish!

Who we are

About Us

Jennifer has been grooming since 2007 and was mentored by a groomer with more than 20 years of experience. She is versed in numerous cuts and style including breed specific cuts as well as pet styles and creative grooming bouches.

Sinjian has been with is since 2014. He is an experienced grooming assistant that makes sure that your pet is well cared for and looking their best for you!

Contact Us

Phone: (619) 476-0053 *Se Habla Español
Sat: 9AM-1PM
Closed Sunday and Wednesday

Express Bath Package

Citrus Flea Bath, Conditioning bath. Blow dry and light brush out.


  • $21.00


  • Under 10 lbs - $20.00

  • 11-25 lbs - $23.00

  • 26-50 lbs - $24.00

  • 51-75 lbs - $26.00

  • 76-88 lbs - $31.00

  • 89-100 lbs - $33.00

  • 101 lbs + - $38.00


  • Nail Trim - $8.00

  • Nail Trim & Filing - $12.00

  • Ear Cleaning - $8.00

  • Demating $5.00/15mins*

Full Bath Package

Citrus Flea Bath, Conditioning bath. Blow dry, Brush out, Gland Expression, Nail Trim, & File, Ear cleaning, and Sanitary Trim.

  • Small Dog - $32.00

  • Medium Dog - $37.00

  • Large Dog - $42.00

  • Shorthair Cat - $38.00

  • Longhair Cat - $42.00

Haircut Package

Citrus Flea Bath, Conditioning bath. Blow dry, Brush out, Gland Expression, Nail Trim, & File, Ear cleaning, Sanitary Trim, Full Haircut,

  • Small Dog - $42.00

  • Medium Dog - $46.00

  • Large Dog - $55.00+

  • Cats - $50.00+

Add on services

Add any of these services to any package for extra pampering!

Blueberry or Cranberry Facial - $5

A shooting facial cleanser. Deep cleans and helps lessen tear stains. Great for dogs with wrinkles!

Paw Scrub - $5

For squeaky clean paws! The anti-bacterial formula soothes itchy and irritated paws.

Deshedding treatment - $5 sm/$10 lg.

Helps minimize excessive shedding, Loosens and removes dead undercoat while leaving the coat shiny and soft.

Nail Polish - $10

Add a little color with water-based polish

Ultimate Paw "Spaw" - $12

Deep cleans dirty paws and revitalizes pads. Includes fizzing paw soak and grape seed oil pad revitalizer. Great for allergy-related paw irritations.


Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the New Head Groomer at Amazon Animal Hospital.
I'm proudly offering professional grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. I have been grooming for about 7 years, I have been mentored by a groomer 20+ years of experience along with studying on my own.

I enjoy going to grooming shows and seminars to further my grooming expertise. My favorite part about grooming is making pets feel and look amazing I have a Great Dane and 2 Dachshunds and of course a husband too.

I welcome all questions you may have and invite you to stop in for visit.


​​​​​​​Hi, my name is Sinjian, I have been working with animals, mainly dogs and cats since I was 10. My mom is a groomer and trainer, from there is where I have developed a close connection with animals and my love in working with them.